How can I pay?

bank transfer, Paypal, credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: the order is confirmed upon receipt of payment. With bank transfer it takes on average 3 working days, with Paypal and credit card the order is confirmed immediately. Send the copy of the transfer via email to info@b2babitoitaliano.com to be sure that your order is not canceled.

How can I register?

You can register for free HERE

I can not remember my password
If you have forgotten your password, go to the MY ACCOUNT page and click on “Password Reset?”. You will need to set the new password directly on the page. To confirm the new password you will need to click on the link sent by email.
How much is shipping?
It depends on the volume of the goods purchased and the final destination. The best brt fare will appear when the cart is closed. If the fare does not appear in the cart to know the rates in advance, write to info@b2babitoitaliano.com
In which countries do you ship?
We ship throughout Europe and in almost all countries outside the EU. To find out if we ship to your country, contact customer service.
Can I change my shipping address?

IF THE ORDER HAS NOT BEEN SHIPPED: Yes, by contacting customer service. Since the order goes into “ready” status it is no longer possible to make changes. We remind you that any change to your order may result in a delivery delay of approximately 24/48 h compared to the scheduled date.

Is the cost of shipping with VAT?

Yes, where applicable

What are the delivery times?

Orders are delivered according to the type of clothes purchased:    

  • Prompt Delivery within 7 days     
  • Customized production products within 4/6 weeks


Accordion Panel

Yes, you can only order online on our website www.b2babitoitaliano.com by email or phone.

Can I order only online or even by phone?

Yes, with regard to clothes ready for delivery; you must send an email to info@b2babitoitaliano.com within 7 days from receipt of goods, and you can decide whether to use the credit for further orders or if you want to be reimbursed the amount will be credited back at the time of delivery that will be at your expense.

For customized series, the return is not possible because the total customization makes it impossible for us to resell the garments.


I do not like the article can I make it?

You will be sent an email with the address to which you will need to send the return.

Why do I have to pay for the fabric kit and sample dress?

The kit is a service that we have specially designed for you, avoiding unnecessary movements you can view one of our garments, so that you can appreciate our product, plus you will have the opportunity to touch the fabrics chosen by our style office for the new collection . All this of course has a production cost to which you need to give a value, but do not worry the deposit that you pay for the rental will be deducted from the order or returned in case you do not want to proceed.

What is the minimum order?
For the Prompt Delivery there is no minimum order, while for the personalized series it is 7 dresses.
The prices that I see in the catalog are with VAT?
All prices in the catalog are without VAT. The VAT will be applied to the closing of the order on the total purchased.




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